"What can I say about Sapphire that has not already been said? An excellent model, a beautiful girl, and a charming young lady! We shot for over three hours which seemed like much less as we chatted and shot and chatted some more. She demonstrated a variety of poses with ease and talent, and I think I learned more from working with her than I have on any other shoot. She is, quite simply, a star. If she is in your area, then book her. If she is not in your area, then move mountains to get to her."

"what a wonderful lady with ambition and lots of energy and a hard worker. Fantastic looking and I have to say she inspired me with her work ethic. Fantastic model and I would recommend her to any photographer."

"Superb. Sapphire, after a long journey and early start, was ready on time for our shoot. She had a good selection of outfits and we soon chose which I wanted and the areas of the location to shoot in. She is awesome in both physical presence and personality. She chats non-stop and we had great fun while seriously working and producing all that I wanted. Sapphire poses like flowing water; the photographer has to work fast to keep up with her. Beautiful, elegant, great character, good value and 100% recommended to serious photographers."

"To define my thoughts on Sapphire is to define Awesome:

breathtaking, awe-inspiring, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, stunning, staggering, imposing, stirring, impressive; informal mind-boggling, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, excellent, marvelous;

i'm sure theres more words, but i'll let you add those after shooting with her. Dont think about it, just do it, message her and book her."

"What can i say about sapphire that hasnt already been said probably not much....as you can see from the many referances. From a models point of view shes one of my fav girls to work with, reason being shes so easy to be around shes makes posing together a breeze we just click. Shes a very naturaly beautifull girl, great legs long and lean and fantastic skin great for up close beauty shots. Sapphire has the complete package, along with a great figure and face she has the attitude and drive to go very far and already has and i know will continue to do so. thanks hun youre a star"

"One of the best models ever to come to the Hugger.

Always on times always ready to shoot.

And her pose's are so good.

You know when you book her you will get value for money.

She really is a super model and will not let you down ever.

We love her and cant wait to get her back soon

And she is so much fun."

"I just finished working with Blue Sapphire for my websites. She is a very charming model with a perfect body and incredible breasts. She is ultra professional. My team and I spent 2 wonderful days with her in AIX en Provence. You should book Blue Sapphire as fast as you can. You will not regret it. "

"I wouldnt recommend this model...I would HIGHLY recommend her!!! You must book her as she is absolutely brilliant to work with. As a make up artist I work with a lot of lovely models, but Sapphire is one in a million! So friendly, Easy to work alongside and really professional. Any MUA would love to work with her as she totally respects me as an artist and never takes a person for granted!"

"Sapphire is one hell of a gorgeous model, really puts a lot of pride in her work and appearance and one of the best figures I have seen, great boobs obviously but long long legs and toned figure is the full package.

Fun attitude and prepared well (a very large selection of outfits & shoes left me spoilt for choice)"

"A-MAZ-ING model Smile

Totally professional right from making the booking through the whole shoot

Utterly stunning - figure to die for Smile

Best of all, spending a day with Sapphire is absolutely delightful and she is an incredibly creative model

We shot some wonderful erotica and art nude and I cannot wait to work with Sapphire again"

"What I can say about Sapphire has probably all been said before. Forget the basic 'arrived on time, plenty of outfit options, makeup on point blah blah' - we're talking about an internationally renowned professional here. My experience is that Sapphire is a brilliant model who also has great artistic intuition for the end result, but moreso, she sets you at ease from the get go with her lovely, outgoing personality - conversation flowed through various topics, like we had worked together already - which makes a shoot far more enjoyable and not just work, work, work, set after set - not diminishing Sapphire's professional attitude to her work. Sapphire works well without direction, Highly recommended and already have ideas and plans for an encore shoot."

"Sapphire is a beautiful young lady, fantastic model, great attitude and very professional.

Great fun to work with, chatty, posed without direction and worked hard to get the images I wanted.

She has the longest legs, fabulous figure and beautiful big blue eyes.

Highly recommended, will be working with you again soon I hope.

Thank you again"